I first learned of the Himalayan bowls in 2008, while at a holistic fair where they were being shared. I had one bowl put on my head, while a person worked around me with a second bowl. They cleared my energy so completely that I was totally enamored with them.

I started going to meditations every week and was playing with them in the store. The more I was around them, the more I had to have one. Well… one, then another, and another. I was driven to get the next and the next… I knew I was to do my own meditations. Now I’m doing meditations weekly as well as private session, too.

There are lots of bowls out there, so I had many options in the type of bowl that suited me best. I settled on buying a particular type of bowl made by Tibetan monks. They send prayers into the metal while they are being made, sending love and respect to the bowl with each strike of the hammer. The monks say a prayer that encompasses all the prayers of Buddha.

I have a great connection to the Tibetan Monk’s representative, Siren. I recently studied with him in order to become certified in healing modalities, using the Himalayan bowls. I really love helping people become more healthy and aware, through sound healing and the bowl frequencies, which make that possible.

I didn’t realize that I was different, but looking back, I can see that I was. I always had a very deep connection to horses and dogs. I have come to understand that I was actually, an animal communicator and empath. I didn’t tell anyone about it, figuring they would think I was a “crazy Jay”.

I had a colt, that I bottle fed and he used to play with me by acting up. When I would finally get mad, he would trot to me and nuzzle my neck. How could I be mad then? I have always picked my animals because they would call to me, though I always thought it was my own desire to have them.

All in all, I have found a way to experience the wonders of the bowls, using my intuition and empathy, healing the world one person at a time.

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