Recently I was feeling scattered, spacey, and not myself. I was having trouble communicating and focusing on my work. I was also getting frustrated feeling this way because I had a lot to do and couldn’t shake what ever was going on with me. Debbie came to my Community Day event and spent some time clearing not only me but my home. I did not think too much about it until about 30 minutes after she was done I noticed my symptoms had completely disappeared. Following that cleanse I had focused energy and stayed up until 2 am doing homework that I was previously struggling to get done. It has been three days since the clearing and I still feel organized and focused and I am so grateful that the solution was so simple.

Thank you Debbie for helping me get back on track. Kerýn R



I first met Debbie Miller at a community event, in which many healers volunteer and offer their services for the benefit of anyone who needs it. Not only did my daughter and myself receive healing from the beautiful vibration of her Tibetan bowls, but my then two month old grandbaby also got to experience it as Debbie put her inside one of the bowls and prompted gentle, angelic music to tickle her from head to toe, immediately bringing about sweet smiles and cooing from her… an experience I will never forget. We were able to capture pictures of the moment, which will be cherished for many years to come. Last Saturday I attended a singing bowl meditation facilitated by Debbie and it was gorgeous. The setting was very peaceful and calming. It was evident she had put much effort into clearing a space for healing and bringing in the angels to assist. As the bowls began singing, I immediately felt overwhelming peace and joy. Throughout the meditation I could feel my heart and soul opening up and resonating with the tones filling up the room. I felt the joyful tickle of my third eye enthusiastically opening as a result of the tones and vibrations emanating from the bowls. I saw a vivid image of colorful, mostly golden swirls of energy circulating throughout the room, cleansing all as they opened themselves up to receive whatever their soul was desiring in this moment. This brought about a full body and soul smile, causing me to fully connect with each delicious moment, living fully in the here and now. As a Reiki Practitioner I am familiar with the power of healing energy and vibrations, and I’m aware when these energies are being brought about and are working their magic. I appreciate Debbie’s ability and willingness to provide an open channel for loving peaceful healing to take place. I left this meditation feeling very grateful, cleansed and peacefully aware of present moment beauty. I slept great, had sweet dreams and woke up feeling very aligned and eager to live this day to the fullest. Thank you Debbie, I hope to participate in many more meditations with you in the future!  Shelly

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